1. VCU Fashion is excited to offer our first FASHION DRAWING WORKSHOP taught by Steven Broadway. This class is designed for current fashion students and individuals interested in fashion illustration. Enrollment is limited to 20 participants. Registration deadline is July 21.

  2. One of Noela’s looks chosen for the VCUQ Fashion Show


  3. VCU Fashion Students Selected to Show Their Garments in VCU Qatar Fashion Show

    We had a chance to interview two of the three students who have been selected to have their garments shown at the VCU Qatar Fashion Show, Jame’t Jackson and Zhilan (Noela) Tian. Jame’t is having her garments sent over, and Noela will be going over with her garments to Qatar and staying during this process. We were curious about the process and their inspiration as well as wanting to celebrate their accomplishments! This is what they had to say:

    Q: What was the selection process for you to be able to get this opportunity to travel/ and have your garments shown at VCUQ fashion show?
    A: Jame’t: The selection process was done by submitting a photo of two garments, along with sketches and a brief description of our collections. Each senior that was interested in the trip or having their garments showcased there did that.
    Noela: We were supposed to finish at least two looks out of six by the end of the Mar. and took a photo for VCUQ to review, then decide.

    Q: What was your first thought when you were awarded this trip?
    A: Jame’t: I wasn’t awarded with a trip, but it’s an honor to have my collection represent me over there.
    Noela: I wanted to “sneak out” back to China, where I’m from, for a week after the VCUQ fashion show.

    Q: How many of your garments will be exhibited? Do you have any favorite looks?
    A: Jame’t: Hopefully 4 of my garments will be shown there. I do have a few favorites, I really love my coat dress and the cape and pants outfit.
    Noela: Four looks. Attached image is the favorite of mine. (Noela’s look featured in post above)

    Q: Is there anything that you are most excited for when you land in Qatar? To do, to see, ect.?
    A: Noela: To see and learn different designs and fashion sparkles from VCUQ.

    Q: For the student(s) who are going to be living in Qatar, what do you expect to see? What do you expect to get out of this experience?
    A: Noela: Different perspectives of fashion in life.

    Q: How do you see this opportunity benefiting your career in fashion?
    A: Jame’t: The opportunity to showcase my designs on an international stage is an awesome feeling and such an honor. I’m hoping it will be a unique addition to my resume.
    Noela: International press.

    Q: Do you have any advice for your fashion peers that are interested in pursuing this opportunity?
    A: Jame’t: I think that everyone should strive to share their art and talent on as many platforms as possible and get out of your comfort zone.
    Noela: Always challenge yourself.


  5. "Bruised Never Broken" Congratulations alum Donwan Harrell

    Donwan Harrell, VCU Design alum, has certainly made himself a mark in the industry since his graduation from the university. After dipping his feet in several different careers, he finally had a vision and put it into action. Around 2004, he founded his luxury denim line, PRPS, and holds the title of creative director. Harrell has created three brands, PRPS, PRPS Noir, and PRPS Goods & Co., with denim that ranges from roughly $100 - $1500. So popular, Harrell’s jeans are worn by a wide range of celebs from twerking, foam-finger lovin’ Miley Cryus to the hunky chiseled Brad Pitt. With such success, it’s no wonder he was asked to design for the 125th Anniversary Collection for Lee Denim. He will be designing to revision and reinterpret the original Lee Denim silhouettes. What an honor, and our congratulations to you, Mr. Harrell!